OSINT video Youtube news 26/02/2019

OSINT video 


OSINT : The Hack3rs Arsenal by Shreya Pohekar


Automating Open Source Intelligence Algorithms for OSINT Computer Science Reviews and Trends PDF



Lockhead Martin's software to analise OSINT - LM Wisdom (2012)

 "LM WISDOM® ITI (Insider Threat Identification) is the industry leader in detecting and mitigating insider threats. LM WISDOM® ITI is a leads generator tool ...


Collect It All: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for Everyone [32c3]

 Collect It All: Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) for Everyone Governments post reports and data about their operations. Journalists publish documents from ...


Discover -- Open source intelligence (OSINT)



 Rapido open source intelligence e profiling con recon-ng utilizzando i moduli profiler e mailtester. Ogni riferimento al "username target" puramente casuale.

OSINT con Recon-ng



 A very brief demonstration of 2 email harvesting methods. As you can see manual interaction and less reliance of scripting tools returns more accurate results.

OSINT Email Harvesting


 Manuel Sánchez (Director Grupo de Investigación Cybersecuritys.es, y del Máster de Seguridad Informática)

Jornada Telefónica: OSINT y privacidad de datos


 Recon-ng is a powerful tool that allows you data mine information on a target by just using a domain, email, or website username. Of course it is now 100% and ...

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Recon-NG


 Justin Brown (Spridel) Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) is what many of us do on a daily basis. We may not acknowledge it. We perform research, digital foot ...

OSINT: Oh the places you'll go



Maltego Take Cyberstalking to the Next Level Part 2 OSINT



 Christopher Ahlberg CEO and Co-founder, Recorded Future Cyber conflict is emergent in Middle Eastern rivalry. OSINT reveals exchanges of cyber attacks ...

Quick Look: Escalating Middle Eastern Cyber Tension: An Open Source (OSINT) Analysis












IHS Open Source Intelligence Training OSINT 2 2

 Ervin Tate


Boris Mutina - OSINT and beyond

Prezentácia: http://www.slideshare.net/securitysession/osint-48576296. 



OSINT Open Source Intelligence: come analizzare informazioni da fonti aperte?

 Il termine “Open Source Intelligence” fa riferimento nello specifico alle fonti aperte e pubbliche, liberamente accessibili a chiunque. Le fonti che vengono ...



OSINT for the Enterprise: Taking Action with Public Threat Intelligence

 SYNOPSIS: This presentation will cover numerous ways that enterprises are able to leverage threat intelligence in order to better protect their own enterprise, ...


Maltego KungFu Exploiting Open Source Threat Intelligence OSINT To Gain Strategic Advantage Over You

 Matt Kodama, VP, Recorded Future There exists on the open web, an entire universe of valuable open source intelligence (OSINT) containing Analysis on ...




CyberOSINT Keynote Summary

Stephen E. Arnold: YouTube (8:23)





Youtube news


OSINT - recon-ng information gathering example tutorial






Open Source Intelligence Gathering (OSINT)

 Level 3 Award

iHLS TV Intelligence Edition - OSINT






Attack Prelude: OSINT Practice and Automation


OSINT - Air Force Report-Open Source Intelligence  



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