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weekly analytical digest "OSINT news" #10-19

weekly analytical  digest "OSINT news" #10-19, 2 September 2019 to 
6 September 2019


10, 2019                                                       2 September 2019 to 6 September 2019


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1.In the News — Highlights


Russian news

Why burn the forest?

more information (ru):



1.2. Fight against corruption

Former Minister of "Open government" Mikhail Abyzov was charged with illegal business activities and money laundering

more information (ru):



U.S. intelligence news

1.3. The Homeland Security Digital Library (HSDL) news


5 Sep, 2019


3 Sep, 2019


3 Sep, 2019




2.1. SWP Research Paper
Peter Becker
A New Budget for the EU


2.2. DIIS news

Migration and Mobility
New book chapter in a political sociology textbook


2.3. CIDOB news

“Can ‘no deal’ really be Boris Johnson’s game-plan? He must know that ‘no deal’ would be disastrous for the UK and he would not survive long in No.10 if he took the nation over that cliff”. Alan Riley, Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council

2.4. The Heritage Insider

The trade war is a war on American competitiveness.

Are the Trump trade policies bringing about a manufacturing revival?

Over the course of the last year and a half, the administration has imposed tariffs on metals, along with many other intermediate and final goods. Part of the [United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement] would require that more auto parts be made in the United States and more compensation be subjected to higher minimum wages in order to benefit from the zero tariff rate between Mexico, the United States, and Canada. When faced with a steep penalty for buying foreign goods, the belief is that consumers and both foreign and domestic companies producing goods in the United States will have no choice but to buy everything they need here at home..

[Veronique de Rugy, “Trump’s Tariff Fail Again,” Reason, September 5]


2.5. Lowy Institute news

How the US keeps priority boarding ahead of Iran at the United Nations

If Iran’s Foreign Minister wants to speak at UN headquarters in New York, is the US obliged to issue him a visa?




2.6.IPS news
Terrifying parallels between the U.S. and Brazil highlight how right-wing government are wreaking havoc on the planet, writes Basav Sen in The Progressive.
Their efforts are largely funded by donations from the oil and gas industry. We need to continue naming and shaming those who corrupt our political system to enrich themselves, Basav argues in another piece.
Meanwhile, Sam Pizzigati suggests we try making America more like Canada. After all, they’ve got better healthcare, much less inequality, and higher incomes.
Finally, it’s time we start viewing the existence of billionaires as a sign of economic failure, writes Max Lawson for Inequality.org. And Phyllis Bennis joins KPFA’s The Sunday Show to address Trump’s claim that Jews who support Democrats are “disloyal” to Israel.





OSINT news

Profili di integrazione e innovazione disciplinare all'interno della Teoria Generale per l'Intelligence delle Fonti Aperte.


OSINT é um termo para descrever a inteligência, no sentido de informação, obtida através de dados públicos disponíveis. Nesse vídeo vamos falar um pouco ...

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